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    STEVEN PYRKE Mar 1, 2023

    Hi All, been debating the E3 and E4, given the e3 is now at £750 as opposed to e4 at £1700. Battery im happy to charge evenings as will only be wearing circa 8-5pm, and using primarily as a luxury watch rather than use the gimmicks of the 34 fitness (telling me how to do sit ups!)

    Only worry is many have said the E3 is very poor in sunlight, whereas the E4 has a lot more brighter and vibrant screen.

    Can anyone be so kind to offer their views between the e3 and e4 (given big price drop by tag), hopefully some have both the E4 and E3 so can give me an insight. Thanks all
  2. Colin Jamieson

    Colin Jamieson Mar 17, 2023

    I had exactly the same concerns and went with the E4, which I'm going to say was the right decision for me. Battery life estimates are optimistic in my opinion. I typically wear the watch 14 hours a day and it normally does make it through the day, but I find that on days I'm more active it will go into power-saving mode by late evening. I have mine set to maximum brightness because even the default 75% is dimmer than I'd like. While the E3 has a nice discount it's still fairly expensive and I didn't want to spend that and regret it. Definitely don't regret getting the E4 - that would be my recommendation.
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