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  1. dkfx

    dkfx Aug 1, 2023

    Hey friends, long time listener, first time caller here.

    I'm curious what others are experience with their E3 for battery life, and if there are alternative (generic) charges for it as well. I had an E1 watch that would last maybe 8 or so hours (I realize it's 8 years old) and I'm struggling to get the advertised 20 hours on my E3 (also realize it's 3-4 years old).

    I really wish I was more impressed w/ the auto-brightness feature of my E3, as I hate having to adjust it going from inside to outside...but I suppose i'm only doing that to try and maximize battery life. I've tried turning it on low power mode which seems to help, but after leaving for the office at 7am, and getting home at 5pm, the watch is nearly almost dead every time and onto the charger it goes. If I'm going out straight after work, I can be sure it's going to be dead before I wind back up at home. Does anyone have any good solutions or hacks to help with this?

    I suppose the next option, would be to have an additional charger at the office to charge it before I went out for the evening. I wasn't sure if there were any generic watch chargers that would work with the E3, before dropping $100 on an original. There seem to be some cheaper ones on amazon, just not sure if it's the correct pinout or sizing.

    Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance for any advice!