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  1. gophishin

    gophishin Sep 9, 2021

    Quick question to the community on Autavia 2446C mk1's - have you ever seen any that have the handset with the black paint stripe down the middle, similar to the mk2 2447 Carreras?

    I know this thread would be a lot more effective with photos, but out of respect to the potential seller, I'm not going to post. (to me) the watch in question appears to be a mk1 2446C with the NS configuration, (what appears to be the) small teeth MH bezel and white sweep hand and a serial number that would support.

    I suspect the minute/hour hands with the black stripe down the center are later replacements based on the serial, however the old reference table over at OTD, mentions entry C-6 with a V72 and the black striped hands: but the serial would fall before that table's referenced 145xxx entry.

    Thoughts? Have you seen a mk1 2446C with the paint stripe hands? Is there a good reference photo of a 4th execution 2446C?

    Thanks in advance
  2. abrod520

    abrod520 Sep 10, 2021

    There were really only two main executions of the regular 2446C, but four of the GMT model. Not sure what serial range it's in but it's not out of the realm of possibility that the first-ex 2446C you're looking at is a later one that had the second-execution hands installed from the factory. Chances are they are indeed later service replacements though.