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Additional Minute gear train issue Watch hands get out of sync

  1. jftman

    jftman Feb 15, 2023

    The train bridge comes apart and two driving gears are friction fit and need to be lubricated by using a tweezer and compressing the two.

    The one on the calendar side has two gears to move the hour and minute hands at the proper rates. While the gear on the quartz module side (two gears same size, one smaller) move via the output gear on the quartz module.

    My problem is the minute hand can be pushed easily with peg wood and when setting the time any little drag, or when ever it feels like it the minute hand lags. Resulting in the hour hand being off the marks when the minute hand goes to 12 o’clock.

    I found that the small top gear driver for the minute hand has no sufficient friction and spins like the rivet is loose, or the surface between the two lack the friction needed.

    I say that because I am not sure if this is a fixed, thus riveted arrangement and no slipping is normal or if some lack of maintenance must be at fault leaving the minute hand driver gear on top loose or without proper friction.

    I hope my description is adequate.
    I think these gears can be pulled apart without the additional minute train bridge taken out of the movement. Bcuz they can be reached and handled on the movement holder while installed.
    Can I fix this and save having to practically strip the working to get down to that level of the bridge and remove it? I just don’t know of any other cautions involved. I can say there are no fasteners attached other than friction.

    What is the cause of this gear going loose? To me my sense says I need to stake the arbor onto the gear as a pair, since they are reduced properly and there is no need for slipping what so ever.
    But I don’t understand the compression aspect shown when lubricating this assembly.