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  1. Aquagraph

    Aquagraph May 16, 2023

    Hi Guys

    Some of you know may know who I am, but most probably won't. I generally frequent the main TAG Heuer forum and also write the TAG Heuer Enthusiast Blog. I don't own a Connected, I've tried one on before and I quite liked it as a watch, but I'm just not into smartwatches (or mobile phones particularly). I really like Albert's amazing collection and I do think the modular idea is brilliant, when I see all those straps of his laid out it really makes me want a collection like that - still I could get a mechanical module I guess!

    So anyway, my question really is,

    Assuming you weren't already into watches before you bought your Connected, does your relationship with the brand make you want to 'progress' to buying non-Smartwatches, and if so what areas of TAG Heuer's range are most appealing to you?

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  2. Albert-AMG

    Albert-AMG TAG Heuer Forums Moderator Staff Member May 18, 2023

    Hi Rob!

    In the specific case of the 2nd generation of the Connected (which due to its Modular concept allows access to the Carrera mechanical modules at a much better price than a complete traditional Carrera would cost), of course it has led me to become even more fan of the brand, its history (due to the possibility of wearing on the wrist digital reproductions of Heuer and TAG Heuer dials from many different eras), and also the brand's automatic watches.


    Before buying my first E2 Modular 45 in 2018, I only owned three TAG Heuer: a 1996 S/el, a 2003 Micrograph, and a 2016 Formula 1 Senna… all with batteries! The Connected Modular led me to buy my first automatic watch ever: the Calibre 16 module in 2018, to be followed by the Calibre 5 module in 2019.


    And after those two mechanical modules for the Connected Modular, three more automatics would come: the Heuer Monza Calibre 17 in 2019, the 300 SLR Calibre 1887 in 2020, and the Autavia Heritage Calibre Heuer 02 in 2023.

    So from having zero TAG Heuer automatics before the Connected to having five after the Connected! :eek:

    In addition to those five automatics, I also bought a 6000 Senna in 2019, and a vintage Formula 1 380.513 in 2020, so my TAG Heuer hobby and collection has grown a lot since I bought my first Connected (I now own five E2 Modular 45), also because it led me to discover this forum, the former Calibre 11 site, and your TAG Heuer Enthusiast blog, which are the other big “culprits” ;) for this increase in my hobby and my collection of TAG Heuer.


    As I said, I think that the Modularity of the second generation (which is also the only 'Swiss Made' generation) was key in serving as a transition or entry point to the brand's automatic watches. A Modularity that the next two generations (E3 and E4) lack, which I believe can also serve as access and transition to the brand's automatic watches, but to a lesser degree.
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  3. Aquagraph

    Aquagraph May 18, 2023

    Hi Albert, thanks for your answer, it certainly seems like your engagement with the Connected pulled you further into the hobby and the brand, I'm still interested to know if the Connected genuinely acts as a conduit though, for someone who buys a Smartwatch without previous TAG Heuer ownership and then 'graduates' to 'conventional' watches and perhaps even mechanical watches. I feel like that is the 'theory' but I wonder if in practice the Connected market is quite separate to the quartz/mechanical watches? Certainly there's not a massive overlap between the forums here, but then we know that 99.9% of TAG's customer base don't visit here so it's hardly conclusive...
  4. HoltzPlatz

    HoltzPlatz May 19, 2023

    So many avenues that lead to this addiction "passion". My experience is similar, but so different. I'm glad we're all here!
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