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A lot of Modular bits for sale

  1. J.C

    J.C Dec 11, 2021

    Titanium Lugs - £200

    Black titanium lugs- £300

    Black Calfskin Model 1FT6079 New and boxed £235

    Black Calfskin Model 1FT6079-used fully boxed £149

    Black Titanium Buckle Model FC5059-0 used Excellent condition 3 available - £139 each

    Brand New Titanium Buckle FC5074-£185 each
    2 available for sale

    Brand New Charger Fully boxed £140

    New Titanium lugs £500
    New and Boxes Black Titanium lugs £600

    Golf Edition Calfskin £300 excellent
    Alcantara Kingsman Special Edition £350 like a new
    White straps with logo - No paint off production line
    Mega rare and unique excellent £ 300

    I am happy to do more photos on request.
    More info and quicker respond directly on what's app +44 77 656 14 555
    20211211_143321.jpg 20211112_175933.jpg 20211112_175929.jpg Screenshot_20211107-171823_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20211107-171405_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20211107-171353_eBay.jpg IMG_20210721_203857.jpg IMG_20210721_203843.jpg IMG_20210721_202659.jpg 20211107_164638.jpg 20211107_164624.jpg 20211107_164551.jpg 20211107_164543.jpg
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