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  1. lordgriff

    lordgriff Jan 14, 2021

    What are your thoughts on battery life for the 2020?
    I have been really struggling with mine, turned off always on and started to use tilt to wake, but still struggling to get through a day without it running out of charge.
    Have now switched off tilt to wake and started to use touch to wake, and that has massively improved battery life but it's not ideal when Im out jogging etc plus it also smudges the screen.
    Any ideas or suggestions on what I can do to improve performance?
    I notice a setting called power saver tilt, what does that do? It is asking for a power saver watch face, does that mean I can't use a tag watch face?
  2. Feanor

    Feanor Jan 15, 2021

    Satisfaction with battery life is very subjective. I have both the new and the previous Connected and I will say that battery life of the new model is marginally better than with the previous generation, but no big difference. I usually finish my day with 50-60% in both cases, so battery life for me is no issue. However I don't use my TAG Heuers for sports, I use a cheaper Wear OS watch. I think using any Wear OS smartwatch for running or biking without your phone, where the watch has to use its own GPS, will kill the battery in a few short hours and you'll have to recharge mid-day.
    Also before there was suspicion that Wear OS watches tethered on iPhone don't last as long as when tethered on Android. I don't know if this is rectified.
  3. Anthony.R

    Anthony.R Jan 15, 2021

    I can second what you are saying. I too have a connected Gen3 and I find myself having 60-70% at days end.
    I use my Galaxy Watch 3 for workout in the morning then swap to TAG at about 7am.

    Some days when I want to give the TAG a rest I wear my Ticwatch Pro GPS 3 which by far has the best battery of all 3 watches due to the new 4100 Snapdragon Chip.